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Qworker/ Mar 1, 2019 ()

Atiqah Loves a Challenge!

Atiqah took to part-timing out of curiosity. Her friends started making some income during their free-time and she was intrigued. Lo and behold - Atiqah started on her first gig! Qwork matched Atiqah to a job at Zalora - a name that needs no introduction. Zalora needed some extra hands with packing things for their Christmas sale. "I have never worked for an e-commerce platform, but the industry intrigues me!", exclaimed Atiqah. "Furthermore, my friends were also there. I thought, what better way to learn."

"The first day was a challenge. The warehouse was hot and dank and not at all what I bargained for", lament Atiqah. It was at first, the pure thought of the money that got her through the day. "Qwork pays us almost the next day, and I needed the fast cash!". The next week, Atiqah was informed of more part-timing opportunities. "I did more jobs from Qwork. Sometimes it was at Zalora, sometimes it was with DHL E-Commerce".

Not only was the money good, Atiqah also learned a great deal. "I had no idea of the back-end supply chain of an e-commerce industry...only knew that my new tudungs arrived on-time in the mailbox," giggled Atiqah.

Over time, the money became secondary. The challenges on-site drew Atiqah in. "If I don't do this, who would?!" explain Atiqah when Qwork asks of what kept her going. She realizes that challenges empowered her, and pushing the limits meant she was learning something new. "I feel confident of whatever the job brings me...if I can go through this, I can go through anything!"

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