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Qworker/ Apr 12, 2019 ()

A hard Qworker is a happy Qworker

We are all gifted to do different things. Some people can pack things faster than Shazam. For others, a smile and good service comes naturally. For Mohamad Azrul Nizam bin Abbasu, Qwork helped him realise that the motorbike he had at home was not only a means of transport, but could make him money too.

“I found out about Qwork through a friend who was also on Qwork,” said the 23-year old. “I needed to get extra money so that I can spend it now, but also save for the future.”

With his motorbike parked outside, Azrul signs in for work, and then immediately goes to the takeaway counter of the most popular fast-food chains out there- McDonald’s Malaysia. Azrul very shyly told us that working for McDonald’s was his first job with Qwork, and that he had only been doing it for a week.

Despite his short time with Qwork, it’s clear that Azrul -like many other Qworkers- is committed to his job, with his perfect attendance and a no-nonsense attitude. However, he works hard and plays hard too.

“My working hours are 3-6pm and 7-10pm. I don’t mind it because I can go out with my friends,” he said as he fixed his large carry bag.

However, not only does working as a rider for McDonald’s give him something prestigious to put on his resume, but he finds that he enjoys the people he gets to meet along the way.

“My job is really interesting!” he emphasised, as he had throughout the interview. “I get more money, it’s fun and I get to meet new people. I can make more friends too!”

When asked whether he would recommend Qwork to other people, his answer was a resounding yes! “By working at Qwork, I can also get more experience,” he said, among other reasons.

Not only is this beneficial to Azrul, it’s also a win to his employers, who give a big nod to his reliability and efficiency, which is unparalleled to any regular part-timers. Azrul takes his job seriously, and has fun doing it!

All this sound interesting to you? Whether you’re a rider ready to deliver packages and amazing service, or just someone looking for part-time gigs, Qwork wants to help you make money doing something you’re passionate about!

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