Are you a coffee person or a tea person? If you are a coffee person and want to start your FnB business this article is for you.

Do you guys know Kopi Kenangan?

The brand probably rings a bell for those of you who are into milk-based coffee, a F&B product that has skyrocketed in popularity amongst consumers. Kopi Kenangan was founded in 2017 by targeting the gap in the Indonesian market between expensive coffee served at international coffee chains, and instant coffee sold in many street food stalls in the country.

As a food and beverage (F&B) network with the fastest growing new retail concept in Indonesia, Kopi Kenangan announced its Series C Funding and the status of the first New Retail F&B Unicorn company in Southeast Asia. Matter of fact, The Nasdaq Exchange in the US congratulated Kopi Kenangan on its achievement through a New York Times Square billboard in the USA. 

Kopi Kenangan’s extremely aggressive expansion in expanding outlets increased not only sales but also the number of outlets. The company’s innovative ideas and efforts successfully made Kopi Kenangan at the top of mind for many milk-based coffee lovers. 

So how did Kopi Kenangan become so popular?

Let’s talk about the branding strategy that Edward Trinata, the CEO of Kopi Kenangan, did to catalyse the Kopi Kenangan brand to what it is today.

☕ Simple, modern & relevant

Choosing a memorable name is one of the business techniques used by Kopi Kenangan. Instead of a foreign names, this coffee product uses Indonesian phrases that are often used by the general public as brand names. In addition, the menu naming is capable of boosting Kopi Kenangan quickly.

Social media is business life saviour

Social Media is very important for an F&B company. Kopi Kenangan’s omnichannel marketing on digital channels has made their marketing costs nearly absorbed none of the marketing budget. What happened was that the subscribers to Kopi Kenangan went viral on social media

Furthermore, the work atmosphere in this coffee shop symbolises a business image that tends to embrace people’s thoughts and ideas. The Indonesian word “kenangan”, which translates to “memories” in English,, also emphasises the brand’s unique message that memories and ideas will never fade. The Kopi Kenangan’s brand image further improved by using a mouth-to-mouth marketing plan that starts with the people who are closest to you.

✨ Top-notch quality control

The taste of the milk coffee on the tongue makes it tough to move on. Kopi Kenangan practised product differentiation by offering higher-quality, yet affordable coffee drinks. Coffee enthusiasts prefer low pricing and delicious taste for everyday consumption. To fit with the Indonesian market, the costs of their coffee drinks must remain affordable, yet the tastes must suit most Indonesian consumers’ taste preference for coffee: mild, sweet and non-acidic. This may be achieved by the best espresso coffee machines from Italy, La Marzocco and Victoria Arduino.

In conclusion, the F&B industry is very promising if it is strategised and managed properly. Companies have to screen the market and customer behaviour to learn their habits. Using media tools and technologies might drive your brand to become relevant to your target market.

So, are you ready to imitate the successful steps taken by Kopi Kenangan to jump-start your brand? Or are you the one who wants to start your career in building a coffee shop? ?☕

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