Refund Policy

Thank you for supporting the qwork in providing gig opportunities with QWORK. We value your satisfaction and strive to provide high-quality services.

Gig Cancellation

Once your gig is successfully posted, you willl still be able to cancel the gig 72 hours before the gig begins.

Upon login to, go to > Dashboard > Gigs > Cancel (ref below)

Provide reason for cancellation, and ‘Confirm Cancellation’.  (ref below)

Upon cancellation, your credit will automatically be refunded and the transaction will appear on your billing page with the payment status ‘Refunded’.  (ref below)

Or alternatively, (select gig to cancel from ‘Gig Calendar’) (ref below), and follow the same steps as above.

Refund for unused Credit Balance.

The amount of your available credit balance will appear on your dashboard (ref below).

To refund the credit balance available in your employer account, all you need to do is write an email to The email needs to be sent by the Administrator of the account.


Please send your email in the following format:

Subject: Refund Credit Balance for [Company Name]. 

Body: Amount requested for refund and reason. 


Note: There will be no additional charges or deductions (from your Credit Balance) for the transaction. Please note that we are only able to refund the original payment source that was used to make the payment. You will receive a confirmation email for the requested refund. Your refund will be processed within 1 – 7 working days and an email notification for the payment advice and receipt will be sent as proof of successful transfer.

Last Updated: 17 May 2024