Frequently Asked Questions

How did Qwork's #HireNowPayLater feature help your business?


Qwork’s #HireNowPayLater feature was a lifesaver for us during Ramadhan. It allowed us to recruit gig workers without upfront costs, freeing up our cash flow for other essential expenses.

Was the application process easy and seamless?


Yes, the application process was incredibly easy and seamless. We simply applied through the Qwork app and were able to start recruiting gig workers immediately.

Were there any additional benefits you found with this promotion?


Absolutely! One of the best parts was the free application fee, which saved us RM150. It was a fantastic incentive and made the decision even easier for us.

Would you recommend Qwork's #HireNowPayLater promotion to other businesses?


Without a doubt. If you’re looking to optimize your expenses and streamline your recruitment process, I highly recommend taking advantage of Qwork’s #HireNowPayLater promotion. It’s a game-changer for businesses.

Unlocking Financial Benefits

As a business, seize this exclusive opportunity to free up cash flow with #HireNowPayLater financing for payroll. The first of its kind in Malaysia!

Utilize RollingPay’s shariah-compliant credit facilities through Qwork and enjoy financing on your payroll, coupled with a one-time waiver on RollingPay’s application fee worth RM150 – an exclusive offer for the first 20 businesses who apply*.

Prioritising Operational Needs

The backbone of every business are its employees but with increasing costs, operational expenses and a bloated payroll can become burdensome. With Qwork, fear no more! Sail through worry free by hiring the right people both part-time or full-time on our platform! 

Qwork will be offering a limited-time only line of credit of up to RM1500 for gig postings, available only to the first 20 businesses* who apply. This isn’t just about payroll; it’s about empowering your business’s efficiency and operational resilience in a time of need.

How It Works

Sign Up

If you’re already on Qwork, apply now for the RollingPay + Qwork #HireNowPayLater promotion.
If you’re new to Qwork, register for free at, then apply for the promotion.

Gig Posting Credit

Enjoy up to RM1500 line of credit to post gigs on Qwork.

Pay Via Installments

Once approved, just pay monthly over a period of up to 90 days.


1. Malaysian registered business

2. Minimum 1 year in operation

3. Minimum 10 full-time employees* (optional)

4. Annual Revenue RM250,000 & above

Apply now as spots are filling up fast!

About RollingPay:

RollingPay is a pioneering financial technology company on a mission to reshape the landscape of payroll financing. Committed to advancing financial inclusion, our innovative solutions cater to businesses, particularly SMEs, providing them with flexible, Shariah-compliant payroll financing options. We stand at the intersection of technology and finance, leveraging cutting-edge systems and data analytics to empower businesses and individuals alike.


About Qwork:

Qwork was founded in July 2017 to address problems in employee retention and the uptick in recruitment costs. The company’s mission is to develop a knowledgeable, adept, flexible, and proficient gig-based workforce across different industries and functions. Qwork aims to democratize working opportunities for everyone by allowing job seekers access to upskilling (to access higher paying gigs) and fair salaries that come with social security, to benefit themselves and their families.

Helmed by the visionary minds of founders Muna Munirah and Dr. Mimi Aminah, Qwork has locked in its Pre Series A funding round that will allow the company to expand its offerings throughout Southeast Asia. To date, Qwork has worked with over 100,000 gig workers, connecting them with close to a hundred employers across Southeast Asia of whom will begin their journey towards corporate sustainability through Qwork’s ESG reporting systems, an initiative undertaken by its founders since 2021. 

Application Form

Once your application has been submitted, we will be in touch via email with next steps.


This promotion is valid for a limited time and subject to terms and conditions. The limited-time waiver on RollingPay’s application charges is applicable only for the first 20 businesses that sign up through Qwork and use RollingPay’s shariah-compliant credit facilities. Qwork and RollingPay reserve the right to modify or withdraw the promotion at any time.