2022 was a challenging year for Qwork, but thanks in large part to the fact that you, our community, were at the center of everything we touched. Every accomplishment we’re highlighting here is in some way related to the #FutureOfWork.

One of the exciting aspects of looking back on the year is the opportunity to highlight all of the new capabilities that may have gone unnoticed but are now available to expand our gig community in Malaysia and Indonesia.

? So, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate how you helped us reach new heights!

Qwork data infographic in 2022

Solutions for digital recruitment

Our most significant release of the year was the Qwork app for employers and employees — an easy-to use digital solution that connects businesses and talents to complete projects.

We created key features of the Qwork app, such as the “”check-in & check-out”” feature, which allows employees to arrive at work and check in digitally.

Similarly, we created many key features of Qwork in response to your desire for a more efficient way to find workers and work. Qwork talent can now create in-app CVs to build, organise, and share all of their job experiences and skills in order to connect with businesses in need of manpower support.

Your requests and usage patterns resulted in several new innovations in 2022. These new innovations enabled Qwork to become a gig community platform like no other!

☕ Qwork in “”Anda Luar Biasa”” episode by RTM

Unemployment became a critical issue during the pandemic and continues to be so even now. Muna Munirah (CEO of Qwork) and Mimi Aminah (CTO of Qwork) discussed how Qwork helped solve the unemployment problem felt by the Malaysian and Indonesian communities in the ‘Anda Luar Biasa’ episode broadcasted on RTM.

☕ We are grateful for another year!

In 2022, there were a lot more additions, improvements, and capabilities. Though there are far too many to name, we’d like to thank everyone who helped make Qwork even better this year.

For all of us, 2022 has been a year of celebration and challenges. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Your experiences, feedback, and questions continue to guide us as we look for better ways to help you get more done.

We wish everyone a joyful and safe holiday season. Here’s to 2023 and all the exciting things to come!